Jesse & his team are super excited to cover both the basic business-building ideas and the advanced, cutting-edge tactics and psychological funnel-building principles that work now and will continue to work in the future in this six-week boot camp.

Inside, you're going to learn:

  • the secrets to creating a Masterclass funnel that converts,
  • the easiest way to fill that funnel with your dream clients, and
  • successfully selling your paid products to the people who attended the Masterclass!

On top of your awesome new million-dollar funnel template (and instructions on how to personalize it and make it your own), we're opening up our business playbook and sharing ALL our secrets:

  • Our top marketing techniques to get the right people looking at your offer,
  • What we’ve learned about creating copy that actually sells,
  • And the process I personally use to close sales FAST!

Becoming an influencer is a journey, and like any good hero's journey, there are twists, turns, and tons of learning opportunities along the way.

Start your journey TODAY.

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